Photography by

Wangchen Tsomu & Maahi Jain

Skateboarding is just orchestrated falling most of the time. The expectation is to fall, so expect gravity to beat your ass over and over. The moment you start relishing the pain not for the sake of the adrenaline, but for the chance to try again. That’s when you know you’ve been hooked.


She played a huge part in building my confidence. She would always tell me that, intelligent women are the most beautiful women.

Whenever I wear those earrings, I’m reminded of her, and I instantly feel more confident.


What I like most about myself is that I try to stand up for the truth, especially when
nobody else is willing to. Since Kali was born to kill demons, I thought that metaphorically this
represents killing some of the evil in the world.


My tattoos have been the most spontaneous parts of me.

They signify my motto to keep things moving, never settling, always striving for something new.

They’re part of an identity that’s ever learning and unlearning.

The feather motivates me to leave the state of boredom and go somewhere unexplored. The gladiolus flower inside the inverted triangle gives me hope of finding strength inside me.

They’re black ink on skin that gives me permanency like nothing else.


Carnatic music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I grew up listening to my mother play the Veena, now play it myself, and have been learning Carnatic music since I was three. This has shaped my personality in many ways- so much so, that I feel incomplete without it.

The Veena is one of the oldest instruments known to have existed, and my love for the
instrument speaks for my love for all things traditionally Indian and my desire to explore Indian culture in its most authentic form.

The Veena is also one of the few ancient instruments to have retained its exalted position in modern times, while adapting to different influences on music. I see myself as someone who holds her own in a fast changing world, striking a fine balance between traditional and modern, just like the Veena does.

Ritika Susarla

It took me a long time to find a signature make-up look that stood out with minimal effort. My go-to is silver eyeliner which I spend ten seconds on but is the most unique and noticeable make-up detail I’ve employed. I like pairing it with a lip-ring sometimes, which I think adds a touch of sultriness.

This tattoo is symbolic of the multiplicity of “home”; it’s not just one entity. These are geographic coordinates of all the places I’ve lived (Delhi, Brunei, Germany, Malaysia, Gurgaon, and Sonipat). I add to it when I shift cities.


While most identify with tattoos, my identity lies in my two rings, three bracelets and my chain. My rings capture the delicate balance of the feminine and masculine traits that define who I am. My bracelets and chain, consolidate power, confidence, and being interwoven, they ground me to reality and remind me of the tough times I've been through. My pendant is symbolic because I have no idea what it says to date, so it is a gentle reminder that life can be enigmatic and that it is okay to embrace oblivion at times.



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